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Category: Associations & Organizations

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Company: Sportwall International, Inc.

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Category: Associations & Organizations - Company: Sportwall International, Inc.
Computer Games That Make You Sweat are a Hit in Clubs, YMCAs and Schools

Contact: Tom West
5045 6th Street
800-695-5056 Ext. 125

05/15/05 - SANTA BARBARA, CA – For years the media have been reporting on the crises America faces with obesity and inactivity. Our society has changed and the offerings for maintaining fitness have not kept up with the times leaving over 85% of the population without solutions that are congruent with their lifestyles.

Since the migration to interactive technology is blamed for this vast shift to inactivity, a new industry consistent with the trends, is emerging in the field of Active Interactive Computer generated fitness and entertainment. Fitness training is now merging with entertainment and functions on the basis of full-body computer games that make you sweat. Sportwall International, is leading this movement with several new interactive products. Their “Active-Interactive” platform merges entertainment and full body computer games so people of all ages can have fun while enhancing their level of physical fitness.

This involves products and curriculum, designed to engage today’s youth in a rounded workout they want to do. While Sportwall’s 20 products vary from toddler playgrounds to high performance training for athletes, the one consistent principle behind all Sportwall products is to engage and sustain interest with the challenge of a computer game while concurrently stimulating the hands, feet, eyes, ears, and the vestibular systems. Playing a Sportwall game combines skill and cognitive decision making with cardio based activity. A very complex way to articulate what happens when children play or when athletes practice. We stimulate the neurological system beyond its level of comfort in order to cause adaptation to a higher level of efficiency. This is all about the principle of practice makes perfect.

In the words of Billie Jean King, winner of 20 Wimbledon titles, “When people take a good look at the Sportwall systems, they’ll see the wave of the future. Players are getting cardiovascular fitness, sports and motor skills training, and having fun at the same time!”

Cathi Lamberti, CEO of Sportwall International. “Technology has produced a lifestyle swing resulting in inactivity. The consequences are being evidenced by the loss of natural play and resultant increases in obesity, diabetes and neurological disorders such as ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia. Kids are just not ‘wiring-up’ efficiently due to the significant reduction in early neurological stimulation from the loss of traditional play. Our products provide ‘catch-up’ stimulation, packaged in the form of active computer games.”

While safer, the extensive use of child carry chairs is not conducive to developing a child’s neurological system which is primitive at birth and requires stimulation to develop. Take a child off the floor and off his stomach and you have reduced all that need to kick, swing arms, try to lift his head to see what’s going on, or try to roll over; all necessary movement designed to kick off early ‘wiring-up’. Now pop them in front of the television and we have eliminated the need to do a whole lot more motor development.

“Most people only really engage new learning when confronted with the discomfort of not being able to do something. The more we want to do it, the more tolerant we are of the discomfort we have to endure to learn. Computer games contain all the elements to stimulate participation. All we have done at Sportwall, is to turn this into a way to get kids fit and learning kinesthetically” said Lamberti “Natural play engages both the brain and body, unlike fitness machines that enable you to watch television while you do it. Kids need their fitness delivered in a play environment because it develops the whole person.”

Sportwall’s new state-of-the-art fitness systems are proving a hit to kids in facilities around the country. Here is what people are saying about Sportwall products:
"At David Lloyds, children's participation increased from 200 to 700 in the first six weeks following Sportwall installation."
Fergus Ahern, Director of Pte Plc.
"We started a program called Fit Kids on Saturday mornings. Parents are actually bringing in their kids to sign up because kids are telling Mom they want to hit on the wall. We have a seen a tremendous increase in participation. The kids do not want to leave! It's been a big plus here."
Teresa Smith, General Manager, Pro
Health Fitness
"Kids love this equipment and have so much fun they don't even realize how much exercise they are doing. I give Sportwall my highest recommendation and commend the designers/developers of this cutting-edge equipment for new hope in the fight against childhood inactivity/obesity."
Wayne L. Wescott, PhD., CSCS, Fitness
Research Director, South Shore YMCA
Our Sportwall Training Station is used by every single student as part of their physical education. They absolutely love it. Teachers never have to cajole students into using it. With the current youth obesity crisis we needed a solution yesterday. Sportwall is it. We have a group of women staff members that use Sportwall as their own private gym. It makes for a healthier and happier staff."
Cora JcKowski, Principal
Majestic Elementary School

"The Sportwall Training Station adds a whole new dimension with unlimited possibilities for skills and fitness development. It is very easy to operate and it's benefits are limited only by the user's creativity. It is well received by elementary students of all ages and levels of skill. Most noticeable was that the less skilled participants got the most encouragement from their team members and showed the most improvement in both skills and attitude. It definitely improved their self esteem and motivated them to work hard and do their best."
Karen Perry-Kaplan, P.E. Specialist
Schofield Elementary School

About Sportwall
Sportwall International, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, CA, was founded in 1990 to develop, manufacture and market advanced interactive fitness systems for people of all ages. Sportwall provides full turnkey individual and group training systems packaged with programs for cardiovascular, neurological efficiency, speed/agility, and motor skills training. Sportwall’s Group Fitness System is a multi-station-based, curriculum-driven system for instructor-led classes up to 40 in size. Kids train in teams and receive a fun all-round workout in a half-hour to one-hour session. These systems work well in shared locations since they take up almost no space when not in use. Sportwall Junior Fitness systems are designed for toddlers, children, teens, and special needs kids. To learn more about Sportwall visit